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Glass Shade Rose Lamp

Glass Shade Rose Lamp

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1. Made of natural flowers, non-toxic and harmless. The eternal flower is processed by high-tech real flowers. They have the dual characteristics of long-term preservation of fake flowers and non-toxic, harmless, and bright colors of real flowers. Moreover, preserved flowers are the same as dried flowers. The main feature of preserved flowers is to retain the tissue, moisture and color of the flower itself. There is no moisture inside the dried flowers, and the color is different from that of fresh flowers.
2. Rich colors, can make colors that are not available in nature. Everlasting flowers are rich in color and have a wide variety. The most famous is the Blue Enchantress. The newly developed varieties include roses, hydrangea, calla lilies, carnations, orchids, lilies, and gypsophila.
3. Long storage time, can keep fresh for a long time. Everlasting flowers are kept for a long time, and flowers bloom in all seasons. The storage time varies depending on the technology. The current Chinese technology can preserve preserved flowers for 3 to 5 years. The world’s advanced technology keeps flowers fresh for about ten years.
4. No need to water, no need to take care of, easy to take care of.

Product information:
Material: silk flower
Craft: Manual
Type: Bouquet
Variety: Rose
Packing: foam all-inclusive color box
Color: red, white, blue, pink, pink
Specifications: beige base, coffee base, black base

Package Contents:

1*simulation lantern

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